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Integración de la aplicación Euromonitor Passport

    Configure una integración de la aplicación Euromonitor Passport para que los usuarios puedan iniciar sesión en esta aplicación con las mismas credenciales que usan para LastPass.

    Parte 1: Agregar la aplicación de SSO a LastPass

    Acerca de esta actividad:
    1. Log in and access the LastPass new Admin Console by doing either of the following:
      • While logged in to LastPass, click the active LastPass icon icono de LastPass activo in your web browser toolbar, then select Admin Console in the menu.
      • Log in at with your admin email address and master password.
    2. Vaya a Aplicaciones > Aplicaciones de SSO.
    3. Select Add app in the upper-right navigation (or Search the catalog if you're adding your first app).
    4. Search for and select your app from the catalog (or Add an unlisted app if you can't find your app).
    5. Click Continue, and you are taken to the Set up LastPass section of the app configuration.

      Fastpath: LastPass automatically fills out all required information in the Set up app section for you. Some apps allow you to upload settings in an XML file, while others require you to copy and paste the following information:
      Name in LastPass Valor
      ID de la entidad
      SSO Endpoint
      URL de cierre de sesión
      Huella digital del certificado Provided in the Set up app section of the SSO app. If needed, download the LastPass certificate in PEM, DER, or Download metadata (XML) format.
      Huella digital del certificado (SHA-256)
      Certificate (PEM)

    6. For the next steps, open a new web browser window or tab. Go to the app's settings to enable single sign-on, and make sure your app recognizes LastPass as the Identity Provider.

    Parte 2:Configurar la aplicación en Euromonitor Passport

    Acerca de esta actividad: Para obtener instrucciones detalladas, consulte Documentación de Euromonitor Passport, lo que requiere que inicie sesión en su cuenta para ver.

    Póngase en contacto con el gestor de cuentas de Euromonitor Passport y solicite la activación de SAML en su cuenta.

    Parte 3: Finalizar la configuración de la aplicación de SSO de Euromonitor Passport

    1. Return to the LastPass new Admin Console.
    2. Back on the Configure app page in the LastPass Admin Console (from Part 1), select Set up LastPass.
    3. LastPass necesita saber el URI de la aplicación del Servicio consumidor de aserciones (ACS) para poder autenticar a los usuarios. This is provided by your SSO app.

      La URL a la que LastPass envía aserciones cuando se autentica un usuario. También se denomina URL de devolución, URL de respuesta, URL de inicio de sesión único o URL del proveedor de servicios.
      Step-up authentication (passwordless login)
      Enable this setting if you want to require users to confirm their identity using the LastPass Authenticator app upon each login to this SSO app.
      Remember: Passwordless login for SSO apps only supports authentication using stored biometrics (face or fingerprint) via push notification in the LastPass Authenticator app.

    4. Select Advanced settings.
    5. For the Entity ID field, paste the Service provider entity URL copied in Part 2.
    6. Optional: If desired, in the Advanced settings section, add any of the following additional customizations:

      Name in LastPass Description/Value
      Alias The name of the app how it appears in the Admin Console (and Cloud Apps, if your users have a LastPass password management vault)
      Rol Custom role that you created to organize users and the permissions assigned to them
      Identity Provider (LastPass) This is the URL of the identity provider, which is LastPass:
      Estado de retransmisión URL to which the service provider redirects the user after processing the SAML response
      Identificador These settings will depend on the app you're configuring – please refer to the SSO app's documentation, then select one of the following:
      • Email (default)
      • Secondary Email
      • ID de usuario
      • Grupos
      • Roles
      • Personalizado
      SAML signature method SHA256 (uses 256-bit hash)
      Firma y cifrado Make your desired selections from the following:
      • Firmar aserción
      • Cifrar aserción
      • Firmar solicitud
      • Firmar respuesta
      Upload partner certificate Select the partner certificate you saved locally (if applicable)
      Custom attributes To add more custom attributes, select Add SAML attribute and choose from the following options:
      • Correo electrónico
      • Secondary Email
      • ID de usuario
      • Grupos
      • Roles
      • Custom (associated with the SSO app)
      Tip: You can define custom attribute statements when creating a new SAML integration, or modifying an existing one. Estos estados se incluyen en las aserciones SAML que se comparten con su aplicación.

    7. Click Save & assign users > Users, groups & roles to begin making your selections.
    8. Search for and select your desired users, groups, and/or roles, then click Assign.
    9. Click Save & continue > Finish.

      Resultado: Setup for your SSO app is complete! The LastPass users you assigned to this SSO app can now use their LastPass account to sign in to this SSO app going forward.