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How do I determine the current version of LastPass Universal Proxy v5.x?


    I do not know which version of LastPass Universal Proxy I am using.


    1. Open a terminal window based on your OS:
      Operating System Instructions
      Windows Open Command Prompt as an administrator.
      Linux CLI The terminal window is used by default.
      Linux with graphical user interface Open the Terminal app.
      MAC Open the Terminal app.
    2. Execute the following command:
      docker run -v <nameofthevolume>:/usr/local/universalproxy/volume -it --rm <dockerimagerepository>:<dockerimagetag> -version

      Command example:

      docker run -v universalproxy:/usr/local/universalproxy/volume -it --rm lastpass/universalproxy:5.0.0 -version
      The following is an example system output:
      LastPass Universal Proxy version: 5.0.0