About LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring

    The LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring service offers more comprehensive protection for your identity. While the LastPass Credit Monitoring alerts you that changes have happened that could affect your credit report, the LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring service provides intricate details of why your credit changed and how you may go about investigating and resolving unauthorized credit changes. Suspicious issues are, with your approval, investigated, unauthorized activity stopped, and records restored by a team of experts at no additional charge.

    Limitations and restrictions

    • LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring is not available to LastPass Free users.
    • LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring is a separate add-on service (additional $9.95 per month) that can be purchased by users with a paid subscription plan for LastPass (see below for benefits)
      Note: The Premium Credit monitoring service is not included with a LastPass Premium plan purchase.
    • In order to enable LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring, you must first enable LastPass Credit Monitoring
    • Both the LastPass Credit Monitoring & LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring services are only available for addresses in the United States.

    Why should I use LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring?

    • Full access to your three credit reports from the three major credit bureaus (not just TransUnion), including being able to see your credit scores.
    • Regular monitoring of all three of your credit reports.
    • Instant alerts to any changes that occur on any of your credit reports, with detailed information on what changed and how to take action.
    • Refresh reports displayed in the credit monitoring dashboard every 30 days.
    • If you prefer not to go through the hassle of getting your free annual credit report, as validated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), or want more information on a timely basis throughout the year.
    • Full-service resolution in the event that your credit information is corrupted as a result of identity theft.

    The full Terms and Conditions for LastPass Credit Monitoring & LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring services can be found here , and the Privacy Agreement can be found here.