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Access the LastPass Business Admin Console

    The Password Manager Admin Console of a LastPass Business account offers every tool administrators will need to implement and manage LastPass for your organization. The creator of a LastPass Business account immediately becomes the new default admin upon account creation, but you can choose to upgrade standard users to admins once they have activated their account. Once your admin account has been created, you can log in to LastPass to access the Admin Console in a few different ways.

    Note: Menu options in the left navigation will vary depending on your account type and configuration. Learn more about LastPass Business features.

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    Enterprise Admin Console Dashboard

    About the Admin Console and the Admin Dashboard

    The Admin Console is the login portal that you access as an admin, either by logging in to!/dashboard or clicking Admin Console while logged in to your LastPass vault. This is the central place to manage your organization and their use of LastPass, using the special privileges given to admins. As an admin, you can add and remove users, enable or disable policies, restrict or grant access, designate shared folder policies, and manage all aspects of your account. You can designate as many admins as you need for your organization.

    The Admin Dashboard (while logged in to the Admin Console, select Dashboard in the left navigation), you have insight into your entire enterprise’s use of LastPass, including security scores, login activity, number of licenses in use, and feature usage. Some of this activity is noted right on the page using scores and visual graphs, however, more detailed information can be found within each user profile and reports.

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