Active Directory settings

    Active Directory settings for an LDAP test admin user

    This user has admin rights on the Active Directory and needs to be set the same on the VPN server and in Universal Proxy’s configuration file as well.

    Check the following field values:

    • The distinguishedName field value
      • Must be set on the VPN server. For more information, see VPN server configuration examples.
      • Must also be set to the ldap.admin field value in Universal Proxy’s configuration file. For more information, see Universal Proxy configuration example.
        Important: When setting the Universal Proxy with the configuration tool, backslashes are added by the system to the ldap.admin field value of the file.
    • The sAMAccountName field value is set to testAdmin in this example.

    Active Directory settings for a test user

    Check the following field values:

    • The sAMAccountName field value must be the same as the login name used in the VPN client or in the VPN server’s test authentication page.
    • The userPrincipalName field value must be set the same as the Username / Email field value in LastPass. For more information, see LastPass settings for the test user .