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Add new Global Equivalent subdomains

    About this task:

    To mark subdomains as having the same login credentials in LastPass, specific syntax is required. You must enter "=" directly before the subdomain, enter a space after the domain, then enter a comma and enter another space.

    1. Log in and access the Admin Console at!/dashboard.
    2. Go to Advanced Options > Business Options in the left navigation.
    3. Click the Equivalent Domains tab.
    4. If you are unable to locate any of your desired subdomains in the list, click Add.
    5. Enter a list of subdomains you wish to use with the same login credentials using the syntax described above (example: ,
    6. Click Add when finished.
    7. When prompted, enter your Master Password, then click Continue.
    8. When prompted, click OK to confirm.
      Note: If you encounter a message that your entry is not considered equivalent, please see Why doesn't LastPass recognize my equivalent domain as a valid domain?