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Admin Privilege

    You can assign admin privileges to a LastPass user from the SSO & MFA Admin Console.

    Note: Are you seeing something different? Learn how to navigate in the New Admin Console or Password Manager Admin Console.
    1. Log in and access the Admin Console at!/dashboard.
    2. Select MFA or SSO & MFA in the left navigation.
    3. Click Users > Admins.
    4. Click Level of Privilege to view users assigned to a privilege level or select All to see all the admins.
      Note: If you add users with directory sync, admins will be synced from the directory to both the Password Manager Admin Console and the SSO & MFA Admin Console.
    5. To edit users assigned to a privilege level, select a privilege level and click Assign/Unassign.

      Result: The assign members window displays.

    6. To view assigned users and groups for a privilege level, click the Selected tab.
    7. Click on the trash icon to remove the admin privilege of a user or click on Remove All to remove the admin privileges of all assigned users.
    8. Select the users or groups to assign admin privilege to them.
    9. Click Save.

      Editing users and admins are available on both the Password Manager and SSO & MFA Admin Consoles. Any updates made on either side will be synced.