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Advanced LastPass Admin Options

Advanced LastPass Admin Options

    LastPass Business provides the ability for admins to customize hundreds of settings to achieve the most secure and optimally performing solution for your organization. In the Advanced Business Options of the Admin Console, admins can add and configure global domains and URLs, and much more.


    These features are only available to LastPass Business admins.

    Global Equivalent Domains

    LastPass Business admins can add Global equivalent domains for their account to allow users to manage a single login for different domains that are related.

    Learn more.

    Global Never and Global Only URLs

    LastPass Business admins can add Global Never and Global Only URLs in the Admin Console to control when you do or do not want LastPass to prompt your users for action.

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    Enabled Multifactor Authentication Options

    LastPass Business admins can restrict the multifactor authentication options available for use by users within their organization.

    Learn more about Multifactor Authentication options.

    Duo Security integration

    LastPass Business supports Duo Security integration, which allows admins to configure policies and authentication methods when using Duo Security.

    Learn how to integrate Duo Security.

    Splunk Integration

    All available events that take place in the LastPass Business Admin Console (e.g., login activity, master password changes, form fill attempts, etc.) can be passed to a Splunk Cloud instance, where you can then create custom reports using that data. This allows you to use the advanced functionality of Splunk Cloud to access and report on your LastPass Business activity. To take advantage of this integration, you need a running Splunk Cloud instance with a configured Data Input as HTTP Event Collector.

    Learn how to integrate Splunk.

    RSA SecurID via RADIUS authentication

    LastPass Business supports RSA SecurID authentication via RADIUS. To set up this integration, you must set up a RADIUS client for LastPass in your RSA Authentication Manager.

    Learn how to integrate RSA SecurID.

    Symantec VIP authentication

    LastPass Business supports Symantec VIP authentication. In order to set up this integration, you must provide LastPass with a Symantec VIP certificate.

    Learn how to integrate Symantec VIP.

    SecureAuth authentication

    LastPass Business supports SecureAuth authentication. In order to set up this integration, you must provide LastPass with your SecureAuth Application ID, Application Key, and Realm.

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