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Manage groups in the new Admin Console

    Groups can be utilized to assign policies and/or shared folders to a designated set of users all at once within your LastPass Business account.

    Note: Are you seeing something different? See these instructions for the Password Manager Admin Console or the SSO & MFA Admin Console.

    Create user groups manually (or automatically sync groups if you choose to set up the LastPass Active Directory Connector), as well as edit or delete groups, manage users within a group, and view group details. Please note the account performance limitations of creating a large number of groups.

    Note: Admins added to the LastPass Business account are not automatically admins to all Shared Folders in the account. You must either be explicitly added to the Shared Folder by the admin of the Shared Folder, or enable the policy 'Permit super admins to access shared folders'. This policy gives you administrative access to all Shared Folders created in the company account, whether or not you were explicitly added to the Shared Folder or not.

    Group management is available in all LastPass Admin Consoles (i.e., Password Manager, MFA, SSO, SSO & MFA, and the new Admin Console). Any changes made to groups in any of the Admin Consoles will retroactively reflect across all admin environments that are available for your account.

    Additionally, when users and groups are added via directory sync, they are also added across all Admin Consoles available for your account.

    Account Performance Limitations

    • While there is no limitation to the amount of users you can add to a group, account performance may be affected if a group is assigned more than 2,000 users.
    • If there are more than 1,000 groups listed in your account, the "Security score" and "Number of users" columns will be empty to ensure optimal account performance.