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Change language in local vault, browser extension, and new Admin Console

    You can change the default language for LastPass in the local vault and in the web browser extension. Additionally, if you are a LastPass Business admin, the language you select in these instructions will also be used to display the new Admin Console.

    1. In your web browser toolbar, click the LastPass icon .
    2. Take the action that matches your navigational experience:
      • New experience – Select the Account tab, then go to Extension settings > Advanced.
      • Previous experience – Select Account Options OR < your username > at the bottom of the menu, then go to Extension Preferences > Advanced.
    3. Use the drop-down menu for Language and make your desired selection.
    4. Select Save.

      Result: A message indicates a restart of your web browser is required, click OK to continue.

    5. Close your web browser, then relaunch it and access LastPass to view in your newly selected language.
    Results: LastPass now displays in your newly selected language.