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Compatibility for downloading attachments

    • Attachments are supported on all web browser add-ons and platforms, including the Premium user iOS and Android mobile apps. However, attachments cannot be opened from the online web vault in a web browser (i.e., logging in to
      Note: While the LastPass mobile apps are free, a Premium user account requires a paid subscription. Learn more.
    • For attachments in Chrome, Safari, and Opera, you must install the binary component via the LastPass Universal Installer.
    • Attachments are downloaded on demand so it takes some time to download from the LastPass servers. If you encounter an error opening an attachment when trying to open it the first time, close the error message pop-up and leave the Edit window open for a few minutes and then retry. The max waiting time is 5 minutes, but it should be less than 1 minute if your internet connection is strong and stable.
      Note: You cannot save an attachment to your machine/device unless you can open it first.