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Create an Account

Create an Account

    We're glad you want to sign up and try LastPass! The first step in getting started with LastPass is creating your LastPass account. You can start a free trial or purchase a new plan. Instructions may vary, depending on the web browser you are using during account setup.

    1. Navigate to the LastPass pricing page at
    2. Choose from Start 30-day free trial or Buy Now.
    3. Enter an email address for your new account.
    4. Create a new master password and confirm it.
      Tip: We recommend that you use a phrase that is unique to your life that you can easily remember. Learn more about creating a strong master password.
    5. If desired (highly recommended), enter a Password Hint in the Reminder field. If you ever forget your master password, this hint will be sent to you via email to help you remember. Do not make the Password Hint your Master Password!
    6. Click Start My Free 30-Day Trial.
    Results: Your LastPass account has been created.
    What to do next: Install and Log In to LastPass for your desired web browser(s).