Install and Log In to LastPass

    Your LastPass account will give you access to your sites, secure notes, and form fill data when you log in to LastPass since your stored data is securely synced to our servers.

    Note: LastPass is not supported on sites that run in Internet Explorer (IE) mode.
    Note: If your LastPass admin has set up your LastPass Business account so that you use your Active Directory credentials to log in to LastPass (i.e., federated login using AD FS, Azure AD, Okta, Google Workspace, PingOne, PingFederate, or OneLogin), please see Set Up Federated Login for LastPass Business Users for detailed login instructions.

    If you are a LastPass Business admin, please see How do I install LastPass software for users in the new Admin Console?.

    For more information about installation requirements, see our System Requirements for Users.

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