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Edit a password

    You can edit or view details of the passwords that are stored for your sites in your vault. For example, you can disable autofill for a password, or attach a file to it, even view its login history.

    Tip: Vault items flagged with red "Password at risk" indicator are password strength alerts that encourage you to change the item's weak or reused password, or add a missing password to the item.
    1. While logged in to LastPass, you can update a password any of the following ways:
      Update Method Instructions
      LastPass browser extension
      1. Select active LastPass icon in your toolbar.
      2. Go to All items > Passwords.
      3. Hover over your item and select Edit icon.
      From within your vault
      1. Locate your desired password in your vault.
      2. Select .
      In-field icon on website
      1. Within the username or password field of a site, select the active LastPass icon .
      2. Select Edit icon.
    2. Make your desired changes.
    3. Optional: If desired, you can also:
      • Select a folder to store your password in
      • Above the Username or Site password fields, select to see previously used login info
      • In the Site password field, select to view the password and/or reveal text as you type
      • Select Advanced Settings and enable any of the following settings:
        • Require master password reprompt
        • Autologin
        • Autofill
      • Click Add Attachment to add file(s) to this password (learn more below)
      • Select to mark this password as a Favorite
      • Select , then enter the email address of your recipient and click Share (learn more about this feature)
      • Select to delete the item (i.e., send to Deleted Items)
      • Select to make changes to the associated form fields
    4. Click Save.
      Edit password

    Prevent the in-field icon from appearing for specific site passwords

    If you do not want the gray in-field autofill LastPass icon to appear in your login fields, you can disable it within your LastPass browser extension Preferences to remove it for all sites, or add a site as a Never URL so that the icon does not appear for specific sites.

    Learn how here.

    About adding attachments to passwords

    Adding attachments can be helpful in maintaining access to important documents in case they are misplaced or you lose access to a printed copy.
    Restriction: Adding attachments for secure notes and vault items is not supported in the LastPass for Windows desktop application.
    Note: The LastPass Binary Component must be installed in order to upload attachments.
    LastPass users can add various file types as attachments that meet the following requirements:
    • Must be a supported file type: "avi", "csv", "doc", "docx", "gif", "htm", "html", "jpeg", "jpg", "key", "log", "m4a", "mov", "mpg", "odt", "pdf", "png", "ppt", "pptx", "rar", "rtf", "tif", "tiff", "tsv", "txt", "wav", "wmv", "xls", "xlsx", "zip"
    • Each attachment file can be up to 10 MB in size, and your total storage limits are dependent on your account type (i.e., Free users have up to 50 MB whereas Premium, Families, Teams, and LastPass Business accounts have up to 1 GB).
    • Attachments cannot be opened from the online vault in a web browser (i.e., logging in to You can only download attachments by logging in using the LastPass browser extension, desktop app, or mobile app.
    • If changes are made to an attachment, the updated version of the file must be uploaded as a new attachment.