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    Once users know that LastPass will soon be made available to them, help them understand how to get started with their new password manager and single sign-on solution. We recommend using a combination of the below resources or integrating them with your standard IT training programs.

    Step #1: Send your users a Welcome email with helpful resources

    Welcome Email Template (post-rollout)
    Use our Welcome email template to send your employees that guide your employees from the beginning of their journey once LastPass has been rolled out.

    Step #2: Leave educational handouts on employees' desks

    LastPass End-User Desk Reference Guide (PDF)
    A handout you can print to share during trainings or leave on employees' desks.

    Step #3: Leverage our training course

    Attend a free LastPass training

    You can learn how to use LastPass to help you to log in to your work apps and manage your usernames and passwords. We've created a very simple but robust training portal where your employees can learn about the key features of LastPass by attending a live training, viewing a recorded training, and/or using a self-paced tutorial.

    Step #4: Show your users how LastPass works


    Advise your users to install the LastPass browser extension and log in (at least once).

    This is important for a few reasons:

    • Allows your users to use some recovery options (SMS recovery or reverting to an old password) if they ever forget or need to reset their master password.
    • Allows your LastPass Business admin to reset your users' master password (if the policy is enabled) if they ever forget to or need to reset their master password.
    • Creates a snapshot of your users' vault data in the form of an encrypted, locally stored, cached file.
    • Automatically generates a sharing key so that your users can create and use shared folders.
    Get Started as a LastPass Business User
    An instructional article on how to get your employees started with using LastPass Business.
    Attend Free Live Trainings
    Live weekly training sessions with experienced LastPass Customer Success Managers, with live Q&A.
    Watch Free Master Class Trainings
    Watch recordings of Master Class training sessions for LastPass Business admins.
    Introductory Video Tutorials
    These short tutorials introduce key LastPass features and show how they work.