LastPass Admin Management of Global Equivalent Domains

    LastPass Business admins can add Global equivalent domains for their account to allow users to manage a single login for different domains that are related.

    If you are not a LastPass Business admin and want to manage these settings as a user from your vault, please see Manage Equivalent Domains.

    Add Global Equivalent Domains

    Keep in mind:
    • Both domains and subdomains can be entered (e.g., and, respectively)
    • All subdomains and paths are considered equivalent automatically by default (e.g., where "services" is the subdomain)
    • When entering subdomains, specific syntax is required. You must enter "=" directly before the subdomain, then enter a space after the domain, then enter a comma, then enter another space (e.g., ,
    • Top-level domains (TLDs) are not accepted and will be considered as invalid (e.g., *.com)

    For example, if you have the same login credentials for Site #1: and Site #2:, then you would add your equivalent domains as:, with the understanding that Site #1's "subdomain" and "path" are already included by default.


    Google and YouTube are both owned by the same company, so a single entry of a user's login credentials can work for both websites. Instead of having duplicate entries of the same login credentials for both, you can add both Google and YouTube domains so that LastPass will treat both domains equivalently.

    For an equivalent subdomains (meaning you have the same login credentials for Site #1: and Site #2:, if you want to be more granular about which fill options appear on specific URLs, then you would add your equivalent subdomain as: , in your entry.