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Generate LastPass Teams Reports

    LastPass Teams offers extensive reporting geared at helping you safeguard your data and build compliance, including user activity and security reports. Whether you need to share these reports with an executive or just want the peace of mind that you can tie specific events to specific people, these reports are there to help you keep an eye on your team’s activity and maintain accountability.

    Teams Admin Console Reports

    User activity report

    Select Reports from the left menu, where the User Activity tab provides a comprehensive log of every login event, passwords or username update, attempted or completed Form Fills, and deleted Sites by your LastPass Teams users. The logs include attempted (e.g., failed login attempts) and successful actions. The reports can be filtered by date range or user, and can be exported to Excel for back up or sharing with others.

    • Use the drop-down menu to select a specific event type, or leave as-is to select All event types.
    • Click the More icon Elipsis in the upper-right corner, then select Export report to generate a report (CSV format) with your selected filters.
    • Click the More icon Elipsis in the upper-right corner, then select Events list to view a key explaining what each action designation means.

    By default, reporting events for individual Sites will only show the Site’s domain (e.g. will only show as When reporting events for a Secure Note, the log will only show “Secure Note”. By default, additional details such as the username are never sent to LastPass in an unencrypted format.

    Admin Activity report

    The Admin Activity report provides a detailed breakdown of all administrative actions taken via the Admin Console, including the following:

    • Create, delete, disable, or reactivate an employee account
    • Reset a user's master password
    • Add admin permissions to a user
    • Remove a user from the company
    • Add, delete, or edit policies
    • Add, edit or delete User Groups
    • Update policy users
    A complete list of all actions and their designations can be found here.
    Note: You must be actively logged in with a LastPass Teams account to view the full list of actions available.

    Security report

    Select Reports from the left menu, then click Security report for a summary of various critical user statuses, around which additional education or training may be warranted (e.g., Reused master password, Weak security score, etc.). The goal of this view-only report is to help optimize the use of LastPass among your end users to help improve the security of your company’s digital assets.