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Generate Secure Passwords

Generate Secure Passwords

    Create the most secure and random passwords by using our built-in password generator for a site, then store those sites in your LastPass vault. It is recommended to use generated passwords as much as possible as a security best practice.

    Attention: Currently, there are two different extension menu experiences, so instructions may differ depending on your navigational experience. The "new experience" applies to version 4.104.0 and newer for the LastPass browser extension, whereas the "previous experience" refers to version 4.103.0 and earlier.
    About this task: Generate a secure password by doing the following:
    1. Click the inactive (grey or black) LastPass icon inactive LastPass icon in your web browser toolbar.
    2. Enter your email address and master password, then click Log In.

      Result: An active LastPass icon active LastPass icon is displayed and you are now logged in.

    3. Navigate to a website for which you'd like to generate a new secure password. Or, if you want to change the password for a site with one that is generated by LastPass, log in to your desired site and access your account's login settings.
    4. Generate a secure password by doing any of the following:
      Feature in LastPass Instructions
      Using the in-field icon
      1. Click the in-field active LastPass icon LastPass active icon.
      2. Click the Generate Password icon .
      Using the web browser extension
      1. Click the LastPass icon LastPass.
      2. Select one of the following options based on your current extension experience:
        • New experience: Select the Generator tab.
        • Previous experience: Click Generate Secure Password.
      From within your vault
      1. Click the LastPass icon LastPass and select Open My Vault.
      2. Go to Advanced Options > Generate Secure Password.
    5. If desired, you can customize your password settings, which will create a new password based on your selections. Select Customize (if using the in-field icon), otherwise you can choose from the following options:
      • Slide the marker to select your desired Password length (or type a number in the text field) – up to 100 characters max
      • Easy to say – Does not include numbers or special characters
      • Easy to read – Does not include ambiguous characters (I vs. l, O vs. 0)
      • All characters – Includes any type of character
    6. Additionally, you can:
      • Copy to copy the new password to your clipboard
      • Generate New to create a new secure password
      • Show History to see previously generated passwords
    7. Once your selections have been made, select the password you generated (or Copy Password, if you are generating from within your vault).
    8. When prompted in the upper-right navigation, click Add (to add a new set of credentials) or Update (to update an existing set of credentials) with your newly generated secure password.
    9. Once added, it is recommended that you log out and log back in with the newly generated secure password.