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Get Started as a LastPass Families User

    Welcome to LastPass Families! Now that you have been invited to be a user on in LastPass Families, let's take a moment to review what LastPass is, and why you should start using it.

    What is LastPass?

    LastPass is a secure password manager that stores all of your usernames and passwords in one safe place, called a vault. After you save a password to your vault, LastPass always remembers it for you. When you need to log in to a website, LastPass enters your username and password for you!

    LastPass does many other things, including:

    • Creates new passwords for you
    • Shows your security score and dark web monitoring alerts
    • Stores information such as PIN codes and membership IDs
    • Allows you to share passwords with others
    • Fills out addresses and credit card forms automatically

    Why should I use LastPass?

    As a password manager, LastPass will help you in your day-to-day life while improving the overall security of your family's most trusted accounts.

    Key benefits of using LastPass include:

    • Convenience – No more forgotten or mistyped passwords
    • Time saved – Instantly log in to websites
    • Stronger security – Long passwords that you don't have to remember
    LastPass vault Displayed on All Device Types

    Now that you understand the basics, let's walk through the next steps to help you get started.

    Step #1: Join LastPass Families

    Now that you have been invited to join a LastPass Families account, learn how to join as a new LastPass user or merge your existing LastPass user account.

    Step #2: Install LastPass on your devices

    Now that you have created your master password, you can access your account by downloading and installing LastPass on all of your devices, including the LastPass app for iOS or Android for when you're on the go.

    Step #3: Log in to the LastPass browser extension (at least once)

    Once you have installed the LastPass browser extension, it is strongly recommended that you log in to the extension at least once to access your LastPass vault, which is the central hub within your account where all of your data will be stored.

    This is important for a few reasons:

    • Allows you to use some recovery options (Recovery One Time Password, SMS recovery, or reverting to a previous master password) if you ever forget or need to reset your master password.
    • Creates a snapshot of your vault data in the form of an encrypted, locally stored, cached file.
    • Automatically generates a sharing key so that you can create and use shared folders (if applicable).
    Logged in to LastPass extension

    What are the login states for the LastPass browser extension?

    Step #4: Learn how LastPass works

    Next, you can learn how to use LastPass to help you manage your usernames and passwords. We've created several informative training videos where you can learn about the key features of LastPass.