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Having trouble with YubiKey on your iOS device?

    If you're encountering issues with setting up or using YubiKey NEO to authenticate your LastPass account on your iOS device, please verify the following:

    • You are using a YubiKey NEO which can be used with USB-A ports and an NFC reader. You can identify your YubiKey to ensure you are using YubiKey NEO.
    • You are using an iPhone 7 or newer and running iOS 11 or later.
    • The YubiKey NEO's NDEF tag is correctly configured using the YubiKey Personalization Tool.
    • Your YubiKey and/or mobile device's NFC reader is working properly – you can test this by downloading an NFC reading app for iOS or Android and scanning your YubiKey.
      • If your YubiKey cannot be recognized on either an iOS or Android device, the issue may be with the YubiKey itself. Check your YubiKey configuration settings and be sure that the NFC reader on your mobile device is enabled. You can also check your YubiKey's warranty.
      • If your YubiKey cannot be recognized on your iOS device but can be recognized on Android, the issue may be with the NFC reader within your iOS device. Check your settings to be sure that the NFC reader on your iOS device is enabled, or contact your device manufacturer for more information.
    • You have a valid YubiCloud credential configured on the NEO by testing at