How can I provision a new LastPass business account user if they don't have an email address yet?

    By default, when a user is provisioned, an email is sent to the user with their temporary password or an activation link (if their account exists already). However, if you must provision users who do not have an email address yet (e.g., provisioning users via directory integrations), you can still add the user to your account.


    Feature availability may vary depending on your account type.

    1. Go to!/dashboard and log in to access the Admin Console.
    2. Go to Users > Add Users.
    3. Uncheck both of the following options:
      • Notify new users by email
      • Notify existing users by email
    4. Click Add User.
    5. Return to the Users page and select your newly added user.
    6. Click the More Options icon Elipsis, then select Set Initial Password.
    7. Click OK when prompted.
    8. Enter your own master password, then click Submit.
    9. Enter a new master password and confirm it. Store it somewhere safe as you will need to distribute it to the user later.
    10. Check the box for the Force password change on next login option.
    11. Click Submit.
    What to do next:

    Now that your user has been created, you can set up the user account if desired (e.g., adding the user to groups, policies, shared folders, etc.). When ready, distribute the username and master password you created to your new user.