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How do I activate federated login as an existing user that is newly converted?

    Your Welcome email will include your LastPass username (email address) and instruct you to log in to LastPass with your current master password so that your vault can be de-crypted and re-encrypted to utilize your Identity Provider (IdP) account going forward.
    Before you begin: The steps below can only be performed via the LastPass web browser extension.
    1. In your web browser toolbar, click the inactive LastPass icon inactive LastPass icon.
    2. Enter your LastPass email address and current master password, then click Log In.

      Result: A progress bar is displayed to indicate that your LastPass vault is being re-encrypted with your Identity Provider account.

    3. Once re-encryption is complete, you must log in once again (using the LastPass web browser extension).

      Result: You are redirected to your company's federated login page (Identity Provider sign-in page).

    4. Finish signing in to LastPass using your Identity Provider account credentials.
    Results: Your LastPass account is now activated to use federated login, and you will continue to use your Identity Provider account credentials to access your LastPass vault.