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How do I add and manage secure notes in the LastPass app for Android?

    Using the LastPass app for Android, you can create new secure notes, or manage your existing secure note entries while on the go.

    Add a new secure note

    1. Open the app, then log in with your email address and master password.
    2. Tap the Vault Menu icon in the upper-left of the screen, then select Notes.
    3. From your vault, tap the Add icon in the lower-right of the screen.
    4. Fill in all of the information you want to store. If desired, you can set your new secure note as a Favorite, Require Reprompt, Never Autofill, and/or enable AutoLogin.
    5. When finished, tap Save in the upper-right of the screen.

    Edit an existing secure note

    1. Select the secure note you want to update, then tap Edit.
    2. Make your desired changes. You can also set your secure note as a Favorite or Require Reprompt.
    3. If desired, you can tap Attachments in the bottom toolbar and add an image or voice recording as follows:
      • Select the Photo icon to add an image from your Gallery.
      • Select the Camera icon to add an image by taking a photo.
      • Select the Record icon to add a voice recording.
      Tip: You can also tap the Options icon in the upper-right of the screen to Share or Delete.
    4. When finished, tap Save in the upper-right of the screen.
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