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How do I add and manage secure notes in the LastPass app for iOS?

    Add new secure notes to your vault, or edit existing entries in the LastPass app.

    Add a new secure note

    1. Tap Add in the top navigation.
    2. Tap Secure note.
    3. Enter the name of the note and the note details.
    4. Select an existing folder or create a new folder for the secure note.
    5. Optional: Attach photos and record audio attachments.
    6. Optional: Enable the following options for your new secure note:
      This setting adds secure notes to the favorite folder for quick and easy access.
      Require Reprompt
      Adds an additional layer of security, that requires you to enter your master password in order to gain access to the item.
    7. Tap Save in the top navigation.

    Edit an existing secure note

    About this task:
    Note: If you do not see the share options, then the note may be in a linked account or has been shared with you. In these cases you would need to log into your linked account to share the note or copy the note to your account then share it.
    1. Choose a secure note, then tap to select it.
    2. From the menu, you can do the following:
      View the following secure note entry information: Name, Folder, Note Type, and the Note. You cannot edit in this view but can access editing by tapping Edit in the top navigation.
      Edit the secure note entry including the name, folder, note details, photo attachments, audio attachments, favorite, and require a reprompt.
      Share the secure note entry with another person by entering their email address. If desired, enable the Show Passwords field so the user can view or change the password.
      Manage Share
      View the users who have shared access to the secure note. Revoke access by selecting a user and tapping Unshare. Share the secure note with more users by tapping Add in the top navigation.
      Delete the secure note entry. Tap Yes to confirm.