How do I add or manage vault items in the LastPass Mac App?

    You can add or manage passwords, secure notes, and form fill items all within the LastPass Mac App.

    1. Select All Items in the left navigation.
    2. Click Add Item.
    3. Enter all the information you want to store. Depending on your item type, you can also:
      • Click the Favorite icon to mark as a Favorite
      • Manage Autologin (site passwords only)
      • Manage Autofill (site passwords only)
      • Manage Require master password reprompt
      • Generate a new password (site passwords only)
      • Assign to a folder
      • Add Attachments (secure notes and form fill items only)
    4. Click Save when finished.

      New password and new secure note

    You have now added a new vault item.

    Edit or delete a vault item

    1. Locate your desired vault item.
    2. Choose from the following:
      • Make your desired changes, then click Save.
      • Click the Delete icon to remove and send to Deleted Items.
    You have updated or removed your vault item.