How do I sign in to SSO apps using passwordless authentication?

    Once you have enabled passwordless authentication, you can authenticate using a push notification via the LastPass Authenticator (using stored biometrics instead of your master password) when signing in to SSO apps and websites that your LastPass admin has configured for you to use.

    Attention: If you want to use passwordless authentication to log in to your workstation, view Workstation Login instructions for Windows or Mac.
    Before you begin: Please be sure you have already activated passwordless authentication before proceeding.
    To use passwordless authentication to sign in to an SSO app or website, do the following:
    1. Navigate to an SSO app or website that requires the use of the LastPass Authenticator, then enter your login credentials and proceed to sign in.

      Tip: If you're not sure which SSO apps or websites have been configured for you, you can check with your LastPass admin.

      Result: An authentication prompt is sent to your mobile device.

    2. Tap Accept.

      Authentication Prompt in LastPass Authenticator

      Result: You are prompted to verify your login using stored biometrics.

    3. Verify using face recognition or fingerprint identification for authentication.
    You have successfully authenticated using passwordless authentication via the LastPass Authenticator and are now signed in to your SSO app or website.