How do I cancel my LastPass trial?

    When you sign up for a free trial for a LastPass personal or business account, there is no credit card required during the sign up process. For this reason, you can wait for your free trial to expire and there is no risk for being charged via automatic renewal because no payment information was ever requested by or submitted to LastPass for trial creation.

    Once your free trial has expired, your LastPass account will convert to a LastPass Free account so that you can continue to have access to your vault and stored data.

    If you want to cancel your free trial before it expires, you can contact LastPass Support by selecting Contact Support within this article for additional assistance.
    Note: The customer support offerings for LastPass will vary depending on your plan. For more information, please see What levels of customer support does LastPass offer?

    Additionally, if you want to purge your stored vault data, you can either reset your account (if you plan to empty your vault contents but keep your account active to use later) or delete your LastPass account (if you no longer want an account registered with LastPass) after your trial has been canceled or has become expired.