How do I clear my temporary one-time passwords for LastPass?

    You can clear the temporary one-time passwords you generated if you are concerned they have become compromised, or if you no longer need to use them.


    If you are concerned that your LastPass account has been compromised, follow these steps.

    CAUTION: Changing or resetting your master password will invalidate all one-time passwords that you generated before the change occurred (as it requires your vault to be re-encrypted). This means that you will need to generate new OTPs after a master password change, as all OTPs you generated previously will no longer be listed.
    About this task: If you are concerned that someone may have gotten access to your one-time passwords, you can invalidate them by doing the following:
    1. Log in to LastPass and access your vault by doing either of the following:
      • In your web browser toolbar, click the LastPass icon active LastPass icon and select Open My Vault.
      • Go to and log in with your email address and master password.
    2. Select Advanced Options in the left navigation.
    3. Select Manage one-time passwords.
    4. Enter your master password, then click OK.
    5. Click Clear all OTPs.
    6. If prompted, enter your master password, then click OK.
    Results: You have cleared all of your one-time passwords. No one-time passwords listed