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How do I deploy the LastPass browser extensions across my LastPass business account?

    We recommend using web browser policies to deploy the LastPass browser extensions across your enterprise. This offers a silent installation without user interaction, and prevents users from uninstalling or disabling the LastPass browser extension. It additionally provides an auto-update mechanism, and the option to disable built-in password managers.

    Note: LastPass is not supported on sites that run in IE mode.
    Note: Safari does not support the deployment methods listed below. For deploying the LastPass browser extension for Safari, please see instructions for Installing LastPass Software Using the Admin Console.

    Step #1: Enable the ability to manage web browsers using policies

    These steps will vary depending on the operating systems being used.


    To manage web browsers on Windows, you can download the ADM or ADMX template for each web browser:

    • Chrome – Carefully read this article, then download the policy templates .zip file and follow the instructions.
    • Edge – Carefully read this article, then download the Administrative Template and follow the instructions.
    • Firefox – Carefully read this article, then download the template and follow the instructions.


    To manage web browsers on macOS, you can use the plist file for each web browser:


    Step #2: Use web browser policies to install the LastPass extensions and disable built-in password managers

    After enabling customization of the web browser, you can use configuration tools to set the necessary policies.


    In Windows, you can use Group Policies to set web browser policies:

    • Chrome – Use the ExtensionInstallForcelist policy to deploy the LastPass extension in Chrome, and go to Administrative Templates > Google > Google Chrome > Password Manager > Enable saving passwords to the password manager = Disabled.

      Software\Policies\Google\Chrome\ExtensionInstallForcelist\1 = hdokiejnpimakedhajhdlcegeplioahd;

    • Edge – Use the ExtensionInstallForcelist policy to silently install the LastPass extension in Edge. Please see how to set browsers policies from GPO. You also need to set ExtensionInstallForcelist with the following parameters:
      • extensionID: bbcinlkgjjkejfdpemiealijmmooekmp
      • updateURL:
      • Disable the built-in password manager by setting the PasswordManagerEnabled to False and enabling IE Mode.
    • Firefox – You can download the .JSON file and move it to the Firefox installation directory at %programfiles%\mozilla firefox\distribution\ or use the following code snippet:
        "policies": {
          "ExtensionSettings": {
            "": {
              "installation_mode": "force_installed",
              "install_url": ""