How do I deprovision users for LastPass in Azure AD via SCIM?

    You can remove a user's LastPass account access by deprovisioning them, which will allow the account to remain available for reactivation.

    Tip: You can view all users who are currently disabled within your account by going to Users > Disabled users.
    1. Log in to the Azure AD admin portal at
    2. Go to Overview > Enterprise Applications in the left navigation.
    3. Locate and select your LastPass provisioning app.
    4. Select Users and groups in the left navigation.
    5. Check the box next to each of the users and/or groups in the list that you want to deprovision.
    6. Select Remove in the toolbar.

      Remove user from sync scope in Azure AD admin portal

    Results: You have deprovisioned your selected users and/or groups.