How do I disable a Workstation Login policy in the new Admin Console?

    Disable a Workstation Login policy for all assigned users/groups, which you can re-enable at a later time if needed.

    Before you disable

    Warning: Please be aware that once a Workstation Login Policy is disabled, all users and groups assigned to the policy will not be able to verify their identity using passwordless login when logging in to their workstation.
    1. Log in with your email address and master password to access the new Admin Console at
    2. If prompted, complete steps for multifactor authentication (if it is enabled for your account).
    3. Go to Applications > Passwordless Apps > Workstation Login.
    4. For your desired policy, click the Settings icon .
    5. Check the box for Disable this policy.
    6. Click Save.
    Results: You have disabled your Workstation Login policy for all assigned users/groups.