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Step #4: Download the Workstation MFA installer package

    Next, download the Workstation MFA installer, then proceed with the steps for using your desired installation method. You can choose from running the installer manually (GUI) for a single installation, deploying via command line for multiple workstations, or customize the MSI installer by using an MSI editor tool and preparing it for mass deployment.

    Notice: By default, Workstation MFA disables all non-LastPass credential providers on the machine. If desired, you can also configure the installer to allow users to access their workstations via remote access (RDP) and/or allowlist specific credential providers to be available as logon options.

      Add the Workstation MFA app for Windows.

      1. Log in with your email address and master password to access the new Admin Console at
      2. If prompted, complete steps for multifactor authentication (if it is enabled for your account).
      3. Select Applications > MFA Apps.
      4. If you have not previously added MFA apps, select Get started. Otherwise, select Add app in the upper-right navigation.
      5. Select Windows workstations.
      6. Enter a Name for your app.
      7. Select Save & continue.
        Add Workstation MFA for Windows

      Save the integration key and integration secret.

      1. Optional: On another web browser window or tab, you can open your LastPass vault and create a new secure note for saving the integration key and integration secret.
      2. Copy and save the integration key.
      3. Copy and save the integration secret.
        Warning: These two values will be required in configuring the Workstation MFA installer and/or upgrading to new versions in the future. If you do not save the integration secret, you will need to restart the setup process to generate a new integration key and integration secret.
      4. In Advanced settings, select the Username attribute that contains the username that your users currently use to sign in to their workstations (e.g., SAMaccountname). The attribute values in this list are pre-populated by the LastPass Active Directory Connector.

      Download the LastPass Workstation MFA installer.

      1. Select Download the installer.
      2. Save the file to your desired location.
      3. Back on the "Set up integration" page, select Save & assign users.
      4. In the Assign users & groups window, select Assign users & groups to begin making your selections.
      5. Search for and select your desired users and/or groups, then click Assign.
      6. Click Save & continue > Finish.

      Continue with your preferred installation method.

      1. Choose from the following options:
        Installation Method Instructions
        GUI (custom configurations, single workstation) Follow the instructions for Install Workstation MFA for Windows on a single workstation
        Command line (default configurations, multiple workstations)

        Follow the instructions for Deploy Workstation MFA for Windows across multiple workstations

        MSI (custom configurations, multiple workstations)

        Follow the instructions for Deploy Workstation MFA for Windows across multiple workstations

    Results: You have downloaded the Workstation MFA for Windows installer and will proceed with your desired installation method.