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Edit or delete an item

    Manage your existing items by editing or deleting them.

    1. Locate the item you would like to update, then click Edit.
    2. Make your desired changes. You can also:
      • Select a folder to store it within.
      • Click Advanced Settings and use the Autofill Language drop-down menu to select your desired language.
      • Click Advanced Settings and enable the checkbox for the "Require a Password Reprompt" option.
      • Click Add Attachment to save file(s) to this Note (learn more about adding attachments to items).
      • Click the Favorite icon to mark this item as a Favorite.
      • Click the Share icon , then enter the email address of your recipient and click Share (learn more about sharing items with others).
      • Click the Delete icon to remove and send to Delete Items.
      • Click the Note History icon then click Show to view all changes made to the item (learn more about item history).
    3. When finished, click Save (if applicable).