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How do I enable and use LastPass for autofill via the LastPass app for iOS?

    LastPass can automatically fill stored login credentials from your vault for various apps and websites seamlessly on your iOS device.

    Note: Your mobile device must be running iOS 12 or later.

    Enable LastPass for autofill

    To get started, enable LastPass to be used for autofill in your iOS settings.

    1. Log in to the LastPass app for iOS app with your email address and master password.
    2. Tap Settings in the bottom toolbar.
    3. Tap Lets' enable autofill to view a video tutorial of enabling LastPass as your designated autofill setting in your iOS settings.
    4. When ready, tap Open Settings.

      Result: You are brought to your iOS device's Passwords settings at Settings > Passwords.

    5. Tap AutoFill Passwords.
    6. Enable the AutoFill Passwords setting.
    7. Enable the LastPass setting.
    8. Tap to disable the Keychain setting.
    Results: You have enabled LastPass to be used to automatically fill login credentials for apps and websites.

    Use LastPass for autofill

    Once enabled, you can use LastPass to automatically fill login credentials within an app or mobile web browser.

    1. Log in to the LastPass app for iOS app with your email address and master password.
    2. Open your desired app or navigate to your website's login screen on your mobile web browser.
    3. Tap anywhere within a login field, then tap to select your credentials that auto-populate in the bottom navigation or in the QuickType bar.
      LastPass autofill in iOS Settings filling login credentials
      Tip: To select a different set of credentials, tap the in-field Password icon and select from the list displayed, or tap LastPass (at the bottom of the list) to be brought to your LastPass vault and make your selection.
    4. If you have enabled Touch ID, Face ID, PIN, or Require master password Re-prompt enabled, you will be prompted to verify your login.
    5. Once your credentials are filled, proceed with the login process for your site.
    Results: You have used LastPass for autofill when signing in to your app or website.