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Autofill in iOS

    Enable LastPass to be used for autofill in your iOS AutoFill Settings. This will allow LastPass to automatically fill stored login credentials from your vault for apps and websites on your iOS device.

    1. Log in to the LastPass app for iOS app with your email address and master password.
    2. Tap Settings in the bottom toolbar.
    3. Tap Lets' enable autofill to view a video tutorial of enabling LastPass as your designated autofill setting in your iOS settings.
    4. When ready, tap Open Settings.

      Result: You are brought to your iOS device's Passwords settings at Settings > Passwords.

    5. Tap AutoFill Passwords.
    6. Enable the AutoFill Passwords setting.
    7. Enable the LastPass setting.
    8. Tap to disable the Keychain setting.
    Results: You have enabled LastPass to be used to automatically fill login credentials for apps and websites.