Enable Cloud Backup for the LastPass Authenticator

    With LastPass Authenticator’s Cloud Backup feature, you can back-up your multifactor accounts to LastPass (then restore from Cloud Backup to restore those accounts) in case you ever lose or upgrade your mobile device.

    Note: If you are a LastPass Free user who uses the LastPass Authenticator for multifactor authentication (to protect your LastPass account), you can continue to use the authenticator's Cloud Backup and Restore features even if you have selected Computers as your active device type. Please note that in order to use these features you must have the LastPass Password Manager app installed on your mobile device and remain logged in (even if Mobile is not your selected device type).
    Before you begin: Be sure you have done the following:
    • Installed the LastPass Authenticator (for iOS or Android)
    • Installed and logged in to the LastPass Password Manager (for iOS or Android)
    • Enabled the LastPass Authenticator app in your vault (instructions here)
    To back up your data to LastPass and enable Cloud Backup for the LastPass Authenticator, do the following:
    1. Open the LastPass Authenticator app on your mobile device.
    2. Tap the Settings icon in the toolbar.
    3. Toggle on the switch to enable the option Backup to LastPass.
    4. When prompted, tap Open LastPass to open the LastPass Password Manager app.
    5. To confirm your email address and create a backup, tap Use <LastPass account email address> account.
    A confirmation message displays when backup is complete, and you have successfully enabled Cloud Backup for the LastPass Authenticator.
    What to do next: Anytime you want to create a backup, tap the Settings icon in the toolbar of the LastPass Authenticator app, then tap Backup Now.