How do I enable or disable my web browser's password manager?

    You can choose to enable or disable your web browser's built-in password manager. If you are encountering autofill issues, it is recommended that you disable your web browser's built-in password manager and allow LastPass to autofill instead.


    Follow the instructions to enable or disable autofill in Chrome.

    Having autofill issues in Chrome?

    If you installed LastPass from the Chrome Webstore instead of via the LastPass Universal or Chrome Installer, you may experience issues with autofill while you have Chrome's built-in password manager enabled. To resolve this issue, do the following:

    • Uninstall the LastPass extension you installed from the Chrome Webstore.
    • Install the LastPass browser extension using the Universal or Chrome Installer – Download Now .
    • Disable Chrome's built-in password manager – Instructions here.



    Follow instructions to save or forget passwords in Edge.


    Follow instructions to change Passwords preferences in Safari.


    Follow instructions to manage saving passwords in Opera.