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Enable the Advanced MFA add-on for my managed company account

    Upgrade your managed company's LastPass Business account by adding the Advanced MFA add-on for enhanced multifactor authentication protection for your managed company's password management vault, VPNs, third-party Identity Provider integrations, and workstations.

    1. Log in to the primary account's LastPass Admin Console by doing either of the following:
      • Select the active LastPass icon active LastPass icon > Admin Console.
      • Navigate to the new Admin Console at and log in with your LastPass admin (MSP technician) email address and master password.
    2. On the Home tab, select Managed companies in the left navigation.
    3. Locate your desired managed company, then select Manage company in the right navigation.

      Result: The managed company's Admin Console opens in new tab on your web browser.

    4. Navigate to Applications > MFA apps.
    5. Select Get Started > Continue to acknowledge that additional costs will incur on your next billing cycle (refer to your contract for more details).
    Results: You have purchased the Advanced MFA add-on for your managed company.
    What to do next: To set up MFA Apps for your managed company, please see Add MFA Apps for LastPass users