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How do I generate a secure password in the LastPass app for Android?

    Using the mobile app for Android, you can generate a new, strong password.

    About this task: You can configure the length of the password (up to 128 characters max), and the following additional options:
    • Allow all character types, including capital letters, lower-case letters, special characters, numbers, and/or configure a minimum requirement of numbers.
    • Make the password pronounceable, including capital letters and lower-case letters.
    • Avoid ambiguous characters, which will prevent the use of similar looking characters (for example, O and 0, 1 and l, etc.).
    1. Tap the Vault Menu icon in the upper-left of the screen, then select Security.
    2. Tap Generate a password.
    3. Set the password length (the default length is 16 characters).
    4. Select Settings to set additional options (for example, allow all character types, make the password pronounceable, etc.).
    5. Additionally, you can:
      • Copy to copy the new password to your clipboard
      • Generate New to create a new secure password
    6. Tap Save to add the generated password for a specific URL and username.
    Results: You have generated a secure password using LastPass.