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How do I generate a secure password in the LastPass app for iOS?

    Generate a new, strong password in the LastPass app.

    About this task: Configure the length of the password, and the following additional options:
    • Allow all character types, including capital letters, lower-case letters, special characters, numbers, and/or configure a minimum requirement of numbers.
    • Make the password pronounceable, including capital letters and lower-case letters.
    • Avoid ambiguous characters, which will prevent the use of similar looking characters (for example, O and 0, 1 and l, etc.).
    1. Select Security > Generate a password.
    2. Set the password length.
    3. Additionally, you can:
      • Copy to copy the new password to your clipboard
      • Generate New to create a new secure password
    4. Select Next.
    5. Enter the following information for your generated password:
      • Name
      • Folder
      • URL
      • Username
    6. Select Save.