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How do I import companies from PSAs?

    The user import feature for managed companies ensures that you can keep LastPass in sync with your chosen PSA. LastPass supports PSA integrations for Datto and ConnectWise Manage.
    Before you begin: A PSA integration must be set up for your LastPass Business account, which is only available currently in the legacy Admin Console at!/dashboard.
    See the following articles to learn how to set up a PSA integration before proceeding:
    About this task: To import companies and users from your PSA, do the following:
    1. Log in to the primary account's LastPass Admin Console by doing either of the following:
      • Click the active LastPass icon active LastPass icon, then select Admin Console.
      • Navigate to the Admin Console at!/dashboard and log in with your LastPass admin (MSP technician) email address and master password.
    2. Select Managed Companies > Import from <PSA name>.

      Result: A list of attributes set up for your PSA display.

    3. Filter the attributes to import the desired accounts and emails, then click Continue.

      Result: The accounts start to download. Once downloaded two tabs display: Companies in <PSA name> and Companies not in <PSA name>. This page serves for selecting which companies you want to deal with in this import cycle.

      Companies in <PSA name>
      Companies that exist in your PSA with the filter (from Step #3) at the time of import. This tab identifies if new companies were added to create a managed company in LastPass.
      Companies not in <PSA name>
      Companies that were mapped before with an existing managed company in LastPass, but were not found at the time of import. This can be caused by selecting a filter that did not fit the company or the company was removed from your PSA. If a company needs to be removed this is done outside of the import process.

    4. Select which accounts and contacts to import, then click Continue.
      Note: Unmapped companies are listed first.
      The name of the company
      Import status
      Mapped: The company was imported before. Our system tracks which companies you imported from your PSA and links them with managed companies in LastPass. This map helps you to use the import in an incremental way. Any further imports of the same company will not create new companies at every import event, just will keep the existing one. Having the map in picture you can use imports not just for carrying over companies but following up on email list changes as well.
      Unmapped: The company has not been imported. The import creates a new managed company for this item if selected.
      Unmapped – potential duplicate: Duplicate companies are a special unmapped case, and means your LastPass account has a managed company with the same name as the imported one. These companies may have been added manually, and will be mapped with the similarly-named company if selected.
      The type of account in your PSA
      Status in Datto/ConnectWise
      States whether the account is active or not.
      Last import date
      The last time the company or the email under it were imported.

      Result: The Companies with active PSA integration page displays.

    5. Create new managed companies for unmapped companies or use an existing managed company.
      Action in LastPass Instructions
      Create a new managed company Created by default.
      Use an existing managed company
      1. Click Manage.
      2. In Company details, search and select the managed company to map to.
      3. Click Save.
      Unmap a company
      1. Click Manage.
      2. In Company details, click Unmap and create as a new managed company.
      3. Click Save.
    6. Click Import and Map.

      Result: The Companies to Import and Map page displays.

    7. Create LastPass access for users in your PSA.
      Action in LastPass Instructions
      Grant LastPass access to users
      1. Click Manage users next to a company
      2. Select which emails to grant access. Emails that were already imported before are selected by default.
      Map user to existing LastPass user
      1. Click Manage users next to a company.
      2. Select a user.
      3. In User details, search and select the user to map to.
      4. Click Save.
      Unmap a user
      1. Click Manage users next to a company.
      2. Select a user.
      3. In User details, click Unmap and create as a new user.
      4. Click Save.
    8. Click Continue.

      Result: The company and users are imported.

    9. The result page displays how many users you imported and if there were any errors in the importing process. The following error messages could display:
      Error Message Explanation
      Credentials are required

      Empty credentials form submitted

      Another admin is already working with this integration

      PSA integration is locked by other admin

      You don't seem to have enough available licenses

      The MSP company has no more licenses to distribute

      We received a server error from your PSA provider

      PSA provider responds with internal server error

      Authentication error. Check your credentials for your PSA provider and try again

      PSA provider is called with invalid credentials (expired or revoked)

      We received a Forbidden error from your PSA provider

      The provided PSA provider credentials don't have sufficient permissions

      We received an invalid response from your PSA provider

      PSA provider responds with unexpected data

      Something went wrong

      Unknown PSA related error occurred