How do I install and log in to the LastPass app for iOS?

    You can download and install the LastPass app for iOS to use for all of your password management needs while on the go.

    Note: If your LastPass admin has set up your LastPass Business account so that you use your Active Directory credentials to log in to LastPass (i.e., federated login using AD FS, Azure AD, Okta, Google Workspace, PingOne, PingFederate, or OneLogin), please see Set Up Federated Login for LastPass Business Users for detailed login instructions.
    1. Download the LastPass app for iOS in the App Store.
    2. Tap Get > Install.

      Note: To ensure optimal vault performance, it is recommended that you enable push notifications for the LastPass app in your iOS device's Settings.

    3. When the installation finished, open the LastPass app.
    4. Enter your email address and master password, then tap Log In.
    5. If multifactor authentication is enabled on your account, you will be prompted by your default multifactor option (which can also be changed). Follow the prompts to authenticate, which will vary depending on how multifactor authentication is configured for your account (e.g., face or fingerprint, push notification, TOTP code, SMS passcode, phone call, etc.).

      Note: You can also click Additional Multifactor Options (on computer) or tap Use Alternate Multifactor (on mobile) to choose a different method (unless you are part of a company account that has disabled this option). If desired, you can also enable the setting to trust the device for 30 days (unless this option is disabled by your LastPass administrator).

    Results: You have installed and logged in to the LastPass app for iOS. Your vault is displayed, where you can navigate using the All items view or by searching for individual passwords, secure notes, or form fill items.
    iOS vault and All Items Views
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