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Install LastPass Universal Proxy v4.x

    In order to use LastPass Universal Proxy you need to download the LastPass Universal Proxy software, then install it on a server within your infrastructure, using a Windows Installer.

    Before you begin: Install Amazon Corretto version 8 JDK/JRE 64-bit or version 17 JDK/JRE 64-bit to your environment.
    About this task:
    Note: This feature requires an account with the LastPass Business + Advanced MFA add-on. How do I upgrade my LastPass Business account with an add-on?
    1. On your Windows server, run the installer of LastPass Universal Proxy as an administrator.
      The installer checks whether an older version is already installed. If yes, the older version will be uninstalled automatically.

      If the latest version of the software is installed on your device, the Modify, Repair or Remove installation window appears.

    2. When the Universal Proxy Setup window appears, click Next.
    3. In the Select Installation Folder window leave the default settings, click Next.
    4. In the Ready to Install window, click Install.
    5. In the Files in Use window, choose one of the following options:
      • Automatically close applications and attempt to restart them after setup is complete
      • Do not close applications (a reboot will be required)
    6. When the installation is finished, the Completing the Universal Proxy Setup Wizard window appears, click Finish.
    What to do next:

    Configure the LastPass Universal Proxy settings using either the command line interface (CLI) or the configuration file.