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How do I join a LastPass business account as a new user?

    You can join your company's LastPass Teams or LastPass Business account (once you've been invited by a LastPass admin) by activating a new LastPass account.

    About this task: The steps below outline the activation experience for a brand new user whose email address was not associated with any existing LastPass account.
    1. Open the "LastPass account created" Welcome email you received from your company's LastPass admin.
    2. Copy the Activation code.
    3. Click Activate LastPass.
      LastPass business account invitation
    4. Once redirected to the "Finish account creation" page, paste the Activation code into the field (your LastPass email address is already pre-populated for you).
    5. Create a new master password, then re-enter it to confirm. If desired (recommended) set a Reminder – this is a clue that is sent in a reminder email to help you remember your master password if it is ever forgotten).
    6. Click Continue.
      Account Activation

      Result: Your LastPass vault is then de-crypted and re-encrypted to use your newly created master password to log in to LastPass going forward.

    7. Once your account is created, choose from the following options for installing the LastPass browser extension:
      • If you already have the LastPass installed, click OK on the confirmation page, and you are redirected to your LastPass vault.
      • If you do not have LastPass installed, you can click Install LastPass on the confirmation page to install the LastPass browser extension and log in.
    Results: You have successfully activated your LastPass Teams or LastPass Business account, and are now logged in to your vault.