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Use YubiKey to log in to LastPass

    Log into LastPass using YubiKey by using a desktop or mobile device.

    Log in to LastPass from the desktop and authenticate

    About this task:

    Now that you have enabled your YubiKey device, the next time you log in to your LastPass account, you will be prompted to press your YubiKey device to enter the code.

    1. Log in to LastPass and access your vault by doing either of the following:
      • In your web browser toolbar, click the LastPass icon active LastPass icon and select Vault or Open My Vault.
      • Go to and log in with your email address and master password.
    2. Insert your YubiKey device into the USB port of your computer.
    3. When prompted with the YubiKey Multifactor Authentication window in LastPass, wait until your YubiKey touch-button shines with a steady light, then hold your fingertip on the touch-button for one (1) second to authenticate.
    4. If desired, toggle on the switch for the Trust this computer for 30 days setting and provide a computer name.
    5. Select Authenticate Login.
    Results: You are now logged in to LastPass.

    Log in to LastPass from a mobile device and authenticate

    About this task:

    YubiKey 5 and YubiKey NEO authentication is only supported on mobile devices that are equipped with an NFC reader. For iOS devices, you must be using iPhone 7 or newer and running iOS 11 or later. YubiKey 5Ci authentication is supported on mobile devices equipped with a USB-C (Android) or Lightning (iOS) port.

    1. On your iOS or Android device, open the LastPass app.
    2. Enter your email address and master password, then tap Log In.
    3. When prompted for multifactor authentication, your default multifactor option is served (if multiple). If desired, you can tap or select Use Alternate Multifactor, then select your desired multifactor option from the list at the bottom.
      Note: If you are part of a company account and a policy has been enforced to only allow one multifactor option, the "Use Alternate Multifactor" option will not be displayed.
    4. If desired, you can toggle on the switch for Trust this device so you are not prompted to authenticate within the next 30 days. Otherwise, tap or select Next to continue.
    5. Choose one the following options:
      Mobile Device Hardware Instructions
      USB-C or Lightning port When prompted by LastPass to authenticate, tap Plug it in (if applicable), then plug in your YubiKey (using either the USB-C side for Android or the Lightning side for iOS).
      NFC reader When prompted by LastPass to authenticate, hold your YubiKey up to the NFC reader on the back of your mobile device.
    Results: Once authenticated, you are logged in to the LastPass app on your mobile device.