How do I log in to LastPass using a temporary one-time password?

    Access your LastPass online web vault by logging in with a one-time use password on the specific One-time Passwords login page.

    Note: You can only log in to LastPass using a one-time password at from a computer. This page is not supported for mobile devices.
    1. Navigate to the One-time Passwords login page at
    2. Enter your LastPass account email address and a one-time password that you generated.
    3. Click Log In.
    4. If prompted, complete steps for multifactor authentication (if it is enabled for your account).
    Results: You are now logged in to your online web vault for LastPass.
    What to do next: It is recommended that you cross the one-time password you used off your list (if printed or stored elsewhere) and/or generate a new one-time password for future use.