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Manage users in the new Admin Console

    You can view all LastPass users for your account and their user statuses, and take appropriate action if needed.

    Note: Are you seeing something different? See these instructions for the Password Manager Admin Console.
    1. Log in with your email address and master password to access the new Admin Console at
    2. If prompted, complete steps for multifactor authentication (if it is enabled for your account).
    3. Go to Users > Users.
    4. Select your desired user.
    5. The configuration options will vary depending on the user's account status, as follows:
      Reset master password
      If an admin has been set as a Super Admin via "Permit super admins to reset master passwords" policy, there will be an option for them to change the master password for that particular user. This change will be immediate and the Admin will instantly be prompted to create a new master password for the user's account. Learn more.
      Users Awaiting Approval
      For accounts that provision users via the LastPass Active Directory Connector and have configured it to add users as pending rather than automatically active. Select Reject or Approve to change the user's status.
      Require master password change
      This will force the user to manually reset their master password. They will receive the notification to do this the next time the user logs in. Learn more.
      Destroy all sessions
      This will log the user out of all active sessions across all devices.
      Disable user
      Temporarily disable the user’s account making it inaccessible to them but not deleting the account entirely. Please note that disabled user accounts are retained for the lifetime of the account.
      Delete user
      You should weigh the decision carefully about using this option versus the "Remove User from Company" option. Deleting a user will delete that user’s LastPass account entirely. If the user has saved any personal logins or other data to their vault then they will no longer have access to that data.
      Remove user from company
      This option will remove the user from your LastPass account, and will delete all shared folders from the user’s account. With this option, the user will continue to have access to their account as a standard LastPass user. Learn more.
      Disable Multifactor
      This will disable all Multifactor Authentication services for the user’s account. If the policy “Prohibit multifactor disable via email” is enabled, this option will be the only way for Multifactor Authentication to be disabled.
      Edit name
      Assign a nickname to the account that may be more recognizable to you than the user’s email address.
      Reinvite user
      Send another invitation for the user to activate their account.
      Activate user
      Change the user's account status to Active.
      User details menu