How do I manage OAuth Keys for users in the new Admin Console?

    Create and manage OAuth Keys in the LastPass Admin Console for setting up directory integrations between LastPass and your Service Provider as a means to authenticate LastPass users.

    About this task: To create a new OAuth Key, do the following:
    1. LastPass Admin Console Instructions
      SSO & MFA Admin Console
      1. While logged in to LastPass, click the active LastPass icon in your web browser toolbar and select Admin Console.
      2. Select MFA Console or SSO & MFA Console in the left navigation.
      3. Go to Advanced Options > Keys.
      new Admin Console
      1. Log in with your username and master password to access the new Admin Console at
      2. Go to Advanced > Keys.
    2. Under OAuth, click Add key.

      Result: A new OAuth key is created.

    3. Once created, your new OAuth Key contains the following fields and actions for each:
      Setting in LastPass Instructions
      Client ID
      • Click Unmask icon to view
      • Click Copy icon to copy
      Client Secret
      • Click Unmask icon to view
      • Click Copy icon to copy
      Callback URL Enter your the Callback URL for your desired Service Provider, then click Save
      OAuth Key Click the Delete Key icon to delete
      Warning: Deleting an OAuth Key will invalidate any integration you have set up with a Service Provider that is currently using this OAuth Key.
    Results: You have created, edited, or deleted an OAuth Key for LastPass.