How do I manage Preferences for the LastPass Mac App?

    Customize your Preferences for the LastPass Mac App.

      1. Open the LastPass Mac App, then log in with your username and Master Password.
      2. Click on the LastPass Mac App to bring it into focus.
      3. From the Menu Bar at the top, go to LastPass > Preferences.
      4. Make your desired changes to the following settings:
    • Security Logging Shortcuts (to specify) LastPass Menu Bar Settings Use Touch ID to enable fingerprint identification using macOS when unlocking the LastPass Mac App Log level – select from Info, Debug, or Verbose Quick search Keep LastPass in status menu Lock LastPass automatically Show Logs to open existing logs Vault Lock after idle for <specify> minutes and Lock if last application window closed Password generator Notify on lock Automatically log off after idle <specify> minutes Automatically log off when screensaver starts Automatically log off when locking computer Automatically logout when exit application Start LastPass automatically when you start your computer
      1. Click OK to save changes.

        Result: You have updated your LastPass Mac App Preferences. Preferences.