How do I merge two LastPass accounts?

    You can combine two LastPass Free and/or Premium accounts by exporting your vault contents from one account and importing it into another account. Once the vault items have been migrated, you can cancel the subscription (if applicable) and delete the account that is no longer in use.

    Note: To merge two LastPass Families, Teams, or LastPass Business accounts, please contact LastPass Support.

    Step #1: Export your LastPass vault data

    You can export your LastPass vault data, and if you set up vault identities, you will also need to export your stored data for all identities.

    Step #2: Import your LastPass account data

    You can now import the account data that you just exported in the previous step.

    Note: LastPass cannot import items into shared folders. To import these items, please remove the "Shared-" text from the Group column of the exported .csv file for each shared item entry.

    Step #3: Confirm all of your LastPass vault data has been migrated

    Log in to the LastPass account that will be your primary account (that you just imported your data into) and confirm that all of your stored data has been moved over, including data stored in vault identities if you had set them up.

    Step #4: Cancel your LastPass Premium subscription for the unused account (if applicable)

    If you are combining two LastPass Premium accounts, you can cancel your Premium subscription to disable automatic renewal for the account you will no longer be using.

    Step #5: Delete your unused LastPass account

    Once you have confirmed all of your LastPass vault data has been migrated to your new primary account, you can delete your unused account if it is no longer needed.